GTA6|Grand Theft Auto VI News GTA5 The most difficult “GTA5” easter egg mission, what happens if you collect 50 alien fragments?

The most difficult “GTA5” easter egg mission, what happens if you collect 50 alien fragments?

As we all know, GTA5 offline mode has alien easter eggs, and in some corners, aliens can be found casually. Just like the task of killing pigeons in GTA4, it is a persistent task. As long as you remember to save it, you can. I have been doing this task, but it takes a long time, and it requires every player to come out and share the location of these fragments. There are tens of millions of GTA5 players in the world. The collection speed was quite fast that year. When you find the second At one time, maybe 50 others have collected all of them. When you think that the alien eggs are about to be revealed, everything is just a scam of R star. It takes time and effort to collect the fragments. R star, you show me this. ? It’s really a bit too dark!

This is what the alien fragments look like. Now many UPs have shared the location of each fragment, and also gave detailed tutorials, so if you are a collector who likes to collect, you can look for it yourself, of course. You can download the archive directly. Imagine if there is no sharing from players from all over the world, then when can we gather the fragments scattered in all corners of Los Santos? This is also the benefit of the large number of people.

These luminous things are all fragments that Xiaofu found. According to the NPC, these things can be used to make UFO spaceships, but after a dialogue, the NPC directly threw out one sentence: See you in another world, it disappeared, I think it should be R See in another game under the Star, is it alluding to GTA6? This can only be guessed. To be honest, I thought that after collecting 50 pieces, it was the day when UFO was born, but unfortunately not!

Space dock worker, this vehicle is by far the closest vehicle to alien vehicles, but I always feel that this is made by alien enthusiasts, not an exclusive vehicle for aliens. It’s in online mode. You can also unlock this alien vehicle. This vehicle appeared in the Arena DLC updated last year. You only need to reach level 500 to get the right to store this vehicle. It will also be used by players in the battle. Treated as the existence of gods.

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