GTA6|Grand Theft Auto VI News GTA5 How much improvement did the HD quality MOD bring to “GTA5”? 1080Ti measured!

How much improvement did the HD quality MOD bring to “GTA5”? 1080Ti measured!

GTA5 has had high-definition paintings from a long time ago. After all, R Star has not built the basic content of GTA5 in the past eight years, and there is no convenient change in picture quality. As a “multi-functional” PC player, since R Star If we don’t do it, then we can only use the MOD shared by the players to fulfill our wishes. The existence of high-definition video quality MOD directly changes our perception of GTA5, and even has a certain fantasy of Los Santos. I have to say that when these MOD authors reset GTA5, they also worked hard, but what exactly do they picture? Could it be that R stars will reward them? It was based on the love of GTA5, so let’s take a look at how much improvement MDO has brought to GTA5!

This is a high-definition patch that appeared in 2016. At that time, many players did not have a thorough understanding of the MOD, so they needed a tutorial to complete the MOD entry work by themselves. After all, this is really difficult for Xiaobai. At that time, I didn’t know that I needed to back up the files. When the game crashed, I downloaded the game again every time, and the whole person was furious, but when these high-definition paintings were presented before my eyes, everything was worth it!

Although the light chasing technology cannot be displayed in GTA5, the RAGE engine can show a scene similar to the light chasing technology. This is fully demonstrated in Big Cousin 2, which is a well-known update in 2018. The high-definition patch, this version of the patch will cost you 28G of space. It can be seen how much change it will bring to GTA5. The light-tracking technology is actually well known to players at this time. Is your graphics card OK?

My graphics card is still relatively old, it has always been 1080Ti, even if it does not enter the HD quality MOD, the GTA5 at the highest quality only has 108 frames of performance, so I can barely run these high-definition graphics supplements, so do I I’m very pleased, wait a few days for this configuration to be outdated, but after all, it is a generation of magic cards, still in the ranks of high-end graphics cards, do you think the future GTA6 high-definition image quality patch will develop to such a point?

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