GTA6|Grand Theft Auto VI News GTA6 If GTA6 comes out, what details do you hope to add?

If GTA6 comes out, what details do you hope to add?

If GTA6 comes out, what details do you hope to add?

I hope that GTA6 can increase the marriage system. Marriage and have children can be a selling point of the game; the map is bigger, the house is open for players to explore, and the game is even larger than 200G. It will be fine. Anyway, GTA6 will have to be replaced by a computer. Don’t let the graphics card burn. ; There are more Easter eggs in the game, more diverse characters, and the copyright of the car needs to be fixed; GTA6 is most expected to be a multiplayer online game, a game can be opened to 100 players, allowing players to compete in the OL to fight for more. interesting!

Marriage system

The R star optimization is already very good, but the expectations of the players are endless, but the expectations are where the game progresses. For example, the increase in the marriage system allows players to marry and have children in the game, virtual experience the life stages of marriage and children, and raise Baby education is also a selling point of the game!

And the marriage system can also allow single players to experience the process of love. After all, there are many single parties in GTA. In order to prevent players from driving to nightclubs often, it is better to join the marriage system so that players can marry and have children with their favorite girls, and can pinch their faces The face of the character, including the face of the child.

The map is enlarged, the house can be explored

The release of a GTA game is the reason why the computer must be changed once, and GTA6 is estimated to be the same. But I hope that the R Star optimization can be done better, and the map can be made bigger while avoiding the burning of the graphics card. It is best that 90% of the houses in the map are free for players to explore. In addition, I really hope that I can drive the poles crookedly, and hope that the trees can be destroyed!

More Easter eggs, mod can be used freely and supported

The greatest joy of doing plot tasks is to be able to encounter game eggs. The taste is like a detective who has solved a big case. The sense of pride and joy in the heart is very high. Therefore, I hope that GTA6 has more eggs.

MOD hopes that GTA6 can use many mods, such as transforming into a superhero to play plots and quests, free transforming and other MOD support.

This is what I expect from GTA6, but it’s best to optimize it better, because the computer configuration is a lot of money!

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