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Grand Theft Auto Series

Since the launch of the “GTA” series in 1997, the picture quality has gradually improved with the advancement of science and technology after years of hard work!

Looking back at the past, I can’t help feeling that the time has passed. Many people have changed from children to youth, and they have also witnessed the transition from 2D to 3D in “GTA” and the migration of platforms.

Demonstration of the history of “GTA” series of pictures:

GTA series development history:

November 1997 “Grand Theft Auto”

April 1999 “Grand Theft Auto: Guilty London 1969”

October 1999 “Grand Theft Auto 2”


May 2002 “Grand Theft Auto 3” 2D-oriented 3D transformation


May 2003 “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City”


October 2004 “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas”


2005~2006 “Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Story” opens the handheld era

November 03, 2006 “Grand Theft Auto: Guilty City Story”

“Grand Theft Auto 4” on April 29, 2008, the era of detailed modeling

The latest “Grand Theft Auto 5” GTA5 PC ultimate 4K era

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